Progress Report


Pacific Rim Final Exhibit


WEEK 11 - Chiyo Final Project

chiyo-2.png A public awareness campaign for climate change. Illuminated garments address human needs in an uninhabitable future -- envisioning LA in 2014, Tokyo in 2024, & Paris in 2046.

Yu Jin Jo, TAU Product / Kazue Okuyama, TAU Textile / Darren Wong, ACCD Product

WEEK 11 - Hikari No Koe Final Project

hikari-no-koe.png A sustainable advertising campaign. Using sunlight to amplify nature's subtle voice, hikari no koe translates nature’s distress into messages easily understood by humans to inspire action and to change how humans affect the environment.

Ilona Shumsky, ACCD Environ / Shoko Tanaka, TAU Info / Christina Xu, TAU Graphic

WEEK 11 - Hotaru Final Project

hotaru.png A system to heighten awareness of energy and resource consumption within the daily life of Tokyo youth, creating incentives for a more sustainable lifestyle through lit products & urban installations.

Shin Fujita, ACCD Environ / Alexey Kogan, ACCD Graphic
/ Toshi Matsumiya, TAU Info Design

WEEK 11 - Omou Final Project

omou.png Heirlooms that connect grandparents and grandchildren with light and emotion; Sustainability means that nothing should go to waste: preserving energy... preserving materials... preserving memories.

Marie Atkinson, TAU Environ / Vivian Chou : ACCD Environ / Sandy Tsai, ACCD Product

WEEK 11 - Ori-Ori Final Project

ori-ori.png A multi-functional, flat-pack system for the home that diffuses, collects, and emits light.

Joo Hong Koh, TAU Product / Molly Krantz, ACCD Product / Ayaka Mochizuki, TAU Graphic

WEEK 11 - ReCover Final Project

re-cover.png Creating a new role for umbrellas that makes their existence more meaningful--a link between light and water. Solar parasol collects energy from the sun & illuminates at night; water umbrella collects rainwater for houseplants and glows thanks to piezioelectric effect.

Taizo Doi, TAU Product Design / Nelson Shih, ACCD Environ Design

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