The Coming Art: A Philosophy of Natural Disaster (A New Understanding of the Five Elements – Chi, Sui, Ka, Fu)

Noi Sawaragi

Languages: English日本語

The Coming Art program reconsiders the relationship between nature and culture in the 21st century, not only in terms of nature’s abundance, but in terms of the threat of loss due to natural disasters. Our theoretical examination includes a rereading of pre-Socratic philosophy (Parmenides, Heraclitus and Empedocles), keeping in mind the unique geographical characteristics of the Japanese Islands.
We focus on regions in Japan that have sustained repeated natural disasters on a larger scale than in the past. We examine human memory, the facts, and the future of culture in connection with damage from natural disasters. Our approach is a 21st century viewpoint which does not conform to the outlines of traditional scholarship.

Moving from north to south, the following areas will be covered.

  1. Showa Shinzan (Hokkaido, volcanic eruption–orogenesis)
  2. Kesennuma (Miyagi Prefecture, tsunami–tidal bore)
  3. Yumoto, Iwaki (Fukushima Prefecture, coal mines–nuclear power generation)
  4. Kakumihama (Niigata Prefecture, erosion–reclamation)
  5. Beppu (Oita Prefecture, hot springs–eruption)

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