In the 9th annual Pacific Rim international collaboration between Art Center College of Design and Tama Art University, in Tokyo, Japan, students and faculty from both schools collaborate to envision new opportunities for lighting design. This year’s theme, “Light & Shadow: The Art of Illumination” explores the history and beauty of Japanese illumination. Light impacts the way we perceive our world, influences our mood, and colors every aspect of our lives. From traditional lanterns to contemporary design, students investigate sensorial qualities of light and shadow. Cross-cultural teams work together to design and create a collection of lights for the global market. The studio began with a two week field research trip to experience the history of Japan’s rich arts & craft heritage, as well as visits to leading contemporary design studios. This research trip, along with guest lectures, demos and hands-on workshops, lays the foundation for deep exploration and innovation in illumination.

This project was supported in part by a grant from Toshiba International Foundation

このパシフィックリム9では、アートセンターカレッジオブデザインと多摩美術大学の学生と講師陣との国際的な共同制作によって、照明デザインの新しい可能性を探究します。今年は、「Light & Shadow〜The Art of Illumination〜」(光と影〜イルミネーションの芸術〜)をテーマに、日本が誇る照明の美と、その歴史について探究します。伝統的な提灯から現代のデザインまで照明の感覚的な質の高さを追究し、世界の市場に通用するプロダクトを創る機会を模索します。


Final Exhibition

December 3rd
Our final presentation took place in the Tama Art University Library, a structure designed by the Pritzker Award winning architect, Toyo Ito. This presentation had a large audience, and we were able to welcome many visitors, both from within Japan and from abroad.




Tama Art University Students

  • portrait

    Cordelia Brewster
    Japanese Painting

  • Ying-Chan Yen
    Craft - Ceramic

  • Risa Takeuchi
    Craft - Glass

  • Mao Suzuki
    Product Design

  • Kozue Kanbara
    Product Design

  • Minori Kondo
    Product Design

  • Sayaka Nakada
    Product Design

  • Koichi Miyazaki
    Product Design

  • Takatoku Nishi
    Environmental Design

  • Hibiki Ishijima
    Information Design

Art Center College of Design Students

  • Connie Bakshi
    Environmental Design

  • Julian Callanta
    Environmental Design

  • Rita Yingting Jiang
    Environmental Design

  • Kelly Kim
    Product Design

  • Devin Montes
    Product Design

  • Richmond Parakhen
    Fine Art

  • Hiroshi Sakuma
    Product Design

  • Marie Stargala
    Environmental Design

  • Alain Tsai
    Product Design

  • Austin Tian Yang
    Environmental Design

Faculty and Support

Tama Art University Faculty

  • Tatsuya Wada
    Chair of Product Design, Tama Art University

  • Charles Tsunashima
    Guest Instructor

  • Kazuhiko Hayakawa
    Guest Instructor

  • Fumiko Daido
    Guest Faculty

Tama Art University Support

  • Yuki Natori
    International Exchange Staff

Art Center College of Design Faculty

  • David Mocarski
    Department Chairman, Environmental Design, ACCD

  • Penny Herscovitch
    Lead Faculty, Associate Professor, Environmental Design, ACCD

  • Dan Gottlieb
    Lead Faculty, Associate Professor, Environmental Design, ACCD

  • Yo Oshima
    Visiting Faculty, Environmental Design, ACCD

Art Center College of Design Support

  • Matthew Ward