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maria dolores orozco
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Review: Toshiaki MINEMURA (Art Critic)

Meandering fragments of line, shape and color appear everywhere in this piece. Those expecting a clear meaning, shape or subject will likely be disappointed, but for me it is pictorially evocative of a kind of joy. Like how the author, and the artist's compatriot, José Ortega y Gasset explained it a century earlier, works such as this are not a window looking out onto something; rather, they adhere to the principles of modern painting in depicting a phenomenon arising upon the surface of the window itself. The art of printmaking tends to have an aversion to such principles, strongly preferring the distinctiveness of shape and image required to depict something “as seen through a window.” And although this tendency in and of itself is not to be condemned, one should not forget that such a work by this author walks on the right path of printmaking. Ultimately, though, I cannot tell what printmaking techniques are employed in this piece. In the description column by the author is written “other technique”, but is this demonstrating a combination of techniques? I would like a detailed description. Furthermore, observing the surface of a window does not require us to ignore those things beyond the window which are irresistibly evident. Visual expression today must accommodate the multidimensionality of reality.