Mayumi Tsuruoka

Languages: English日本語

Director, Institute for Art Anthropology, Tama Art University
Director, Tama Art University Museum


Historian of Art and Civilization. Specialist in Celtic Art and Eurasian History of Ornamental Design. Waseda University, Tokyo, BA and MA (Western Art History).
Studied Celtic and Irish Art at Trinity College, University of Dublin, Ireland. Her first book, Keruto soshokuteki shiko (Ornamental Ideas in Celtic Art) (Chikumashobo) is the first book ever written on Celtic Art and Civilization in Japanese language. Professor Tsuruoka has travelled to Ireland and many countries in Europe, Middle East, Central Asia, the Iberian Peninsula, Siberia, Inner Mongolia, Korea, and the Japanese Archipelago to research traditional ornamental Designs.
Books: Keruto soshokuteki shiko (Ornamental Ideas in Celtic Art) (Chikumashobo, Tokyo), Soshokusuru tamashii (The Soul of Ornamentation), Joyce to Keruto sekai (Joyce and the Celtic Tradition), Kyoto Ikoku-Isan (Heritage of Exotic Design Discovered in Kyoto) (Heibonsha Publishers), Soshoku no Shinwa-Gaku (The Mythology of Ornamentation), Keruto no Rekishi (Illustrated Celtic History: Culture, Art, and Mythology) (co-author: Prof.K.Matsumura, Kawade Shobo Shinsha Publishers), Soshoku no Bijutsu Bunmei-shi (History of Ornamentation from East and West) (NHK Publishing),Ashura no Juerii (Ashura Buddhist Statuary and Jewelry) (EastPress, Tokyo), and Sugu wakaru Yoroppa no Soshoku-Monyo (European Ornamental Design and Symbol) (Tokyo Bijutsu) Prof. Tsuruoka has appeared on a number of NHK television programs, including “Human University”, “Weekend Japanology”, and “Yuming’s Superwomen”, and on NHK radio programs such as “Culture Radio”, “Midnight Radio (Words for Tomorrow)” and also NHK World News programs to introduce Japanese Art and Design. Also appeared with well-known Irish/ Celtic music performer Enya in the documentary film “Gaia Symphony No.1”, directed by Jin Tatsumura.


Keruto no Souzouryoku (Quest for the Celtic Imagination) (Seid0sha, 2018)

Keruto Saisei no Shisou (Celtic Idea of Revival) (Chikuma Sninsho, 2017)
Sugu wakaru Yoroppa no Soshoku-Monyo (European Ornamental Design and Symbol) (Tokyo Bijutsu, 2013)
Keruto no Rekishi (Illustrated Celtic History) (Kawade Shobo Shinsha, 1999, 2013)