Entanglement Design

Chihiro Minato

Languages: English日本語
Our time is one of fundamental change as we move into a new cultural paradigm. In Japan this shift became especially vivid in the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake and the complex disaster that came with it, bringing radioactive contamination. This revealed how different areas of social activity are intricately intertwined. As the tenth year since the catastrophe approached, during the year 2020, we entered an era of even more complex planetary disasters due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This forces us to consider the ideal organization of society and culture, taking into account the possibility of viral infection over the long-term. If design is to find the optimal solution while considering the mutual influence of given conditions, could we perhaps say that viruses and humans continue to design each other through the innumerable hierarchies in between? Continuing on, in this department, we would like to explore the possibilities of design and art by considering various relationships in a civilization that is becoming more sophisticated, complex, and difficult to predict.

Art Anthropology 16号《縺れのデザイン》

イコン・パノプティコン・ディスタンス/港 千尋


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