Entanglement Design

Chihiro Minato

Languages: English日本語

If design is considered to be the search for the optimal form while at the same time sorting things out and considering reciprocal influences under given conditions, then “entanglement” is a problem that requires organization. Design is not only the extraction of an element from a complicated state in order to separate, analyze, and classify, but is also the basis of the logical thinking process. It goes without saying that it enables the separation of a subject and its object, and the objectification of the world. Design is intimately related to progress in the natural sciences and technology, which have led to the dominant concepts current since the advent of modern times.
However, we realize that this method, though appearing self-evident, is a choice, and that other methods of thinking are possible. “Entanglement” is a term used in a number of fields, from quantum mechanics and archaeology to anthropology. Although its meaning differs in each field, different perceptions and ways of thinking emerge by giving attention to the nature of relationships. In this research program, things (including human and non-human beings) are re-examined from a viewpoint called “entanglement” to investigate the possibilities in design and art by considering a variety of relationships.

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