Intercourse with Local Areas as Primal Act Across Territories

Naoki Sato

Languages: English日本語

At the Tokyo Biennale, an international art festival that focuses on the history of place and its mythical nature, the understanding of genius loci (the prevailing character or atmosphere of a place) was approached through building relationships with the locals and producing art works coming out of these complex relationships. In this department, while taking that act as the core of our understanding, we will connect this to questions about life and survival. Although Tokyo has been undergoing rapid large-scale development due to accelerated globalization of the economy, places in different stages of development still exist. Successful reporting requires direct involvement, which requires acceptance and expression in a different way than conventional representation of modern knowledge. In addition, as an activity derived from the “Tokyo Biennale”, I have been witnessing the creation of a sanctuary or refuge in Tohnosho, Chiba Prefecture, which was once connected to Edo by a waterway, but here too, a combination of building relationships with the local area and the production of art is required. The creative act will have to take place as bricolage, and it will be essential to cross various areas related to life and survival. And it must be done as a primal act. On the whole, we encounter “intercourse with local areas”.

Top: Tokyo Biennial 2020/2021
Bottom: Odate, Akita Art Festival 2014

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