The Coming Art: A Philosophy of Natural Disaster (A New Understanding of the Five Elements ── Chi, Sui, Ka, Fu)

Noi Sawaragi

Languages: English日本語

The 20th century is known as a century of wars. Perhaps we can call the 21st century a century of natural disasters – changes in the earth’s crust, climate change, nuclear disasters, the COVID-19 pandemic…

In this area of study, we examine the natural disasters humankind faces on a global level from an anthropological viewpoint, taking in both the old and the new, and ask how art is possible in this context.

Based on the premise that unprecedented events will occur in the future, how will people’s minds face these challenges? Focusing especially on the Japanese archipelago, which areas are most disaster-prone? The Institute of Art Anthropology includes not only conventional studies of the external world, but is concerned especially with the internal world of the human mind as well. Here we enter new territory, taking a look at the emerging planetary dimension as expressed in the ancient Greek philosophy of the four elements – earth, water, fire, and air.

Art Anthropology 16号《来るべき美術:自然災害の哲学──新しい「地水火風」》



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