Folklore of the Sea and Forest

Yu Kaneko

Languages: English日本語

In this department we look at texts and images in studying the folklore of the Eurasian continent and the ocean areas on its periphery. The coastal regions open onto the sea, and the mountains surrounded by deep forest, were a terrain for locals and indigenous peoples, where they nurtured myths and folk beliefs. We will explore the abundance of that world in images (video, photographs, paintings, architecture, sculpture, folk art, and contemporary art) created from the experience of the cycle of life as experienced by those peoples. At the same time, these regions have a history of colonization and dynamic social change in modern times. The chaotic state of culture emerges in the comparison between the Japanese archipelago and the surrounding areas from the perspectives of travel and movement, history and memory.

Art Anthropology 16号《渚と森のフォークロア》

与那国島の伝承譚/金子 遊


Top: Traditional “Abai” houses in Babeldaob, Republic of Palau
Middle: Yoruba egungun rite, Republic of Benin)
Bottom: Mlabri elder, Thailand

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