Chihiro Minato

Languages: English日本語

Institute for Art Anthropology, Research Member, Tama Art University
Professor of Information Design, Faculty of Art and Design, Tama Art University


Born in Kanagawa Prefecture, 1960. Photographer and visual anthropologist. Graduated from the School of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University. After a stay in South America, Minato was active as a photographer based in Paris. At the same time, He developed a highly original approach to critical writing with a keen eye on a confusing time. Minato’s themes included the emergence of art, memory and omen, image and politics, and demonstrated knowledge and creative style. He began teaching in 1995 in the Faculty of Art and Design at Tama Art University and is now professor of Information Design.
Minato received the Ina Nobuo Award for Citizen’s Colour in 2006, and was appointed as exhibition planning coordinator of the Japan Hall at the 52nd Venice Biennale Art Exhibition in 2007. Selected books include: Kioku-Sozo to soki no chikara (Of memory: the strength of creation and remembrance) (Kodansha, Ltd.; Suntory Prize for Social Sciences and Humanities), Dai san no me (The Third Eye) (Kosaido Publishing, Co., Ltd.), Enshin-ryoku (Centrifugal Force) (Hakusuisha Publishing Co.,Ltd.), Shizen mada mi nu kioku e (Nature, Towards Memory Not Seen) (NTT Publishing Co., Ltd.), Dokutsu e-Shin to imeji no arukeoroji (To the Cave: Archaelogy of the Mind and Image) (Serica Shobo, Inc.), Kage-e no tatakai (Battle of Shadow Pictures) (Iwanami Shoten, Publishers), Photograph collections: Shunkan no yama (A Mountain of Instances), Moji no haha-tachi Le Voyage Typographique (Mothers of Letters: Le Voyage Typographique) (Inscript and Obara, Sawako), and In-between 2 furansu, girisha (In between 2: France and Greece) (EU-Japan Fest Committee).


Tanagokoro no jomon (Jomon in the Palm of the Hand) (Hatori Press, Inc., 2012)
Geijutsu kaiki-ron: imeji wa sekai o tsunagu (Art Recurrence Theory: Images Connect the World) (Heibonsha Publishers, Ltd., 2012)
Void e no tabi: kukyo no sozo-ryoku ni tsuite (Trip to the Void: Ultimate Imagination)(Seidosha, Inc., 2012)
Basuku nanairo (Seven Colours of Basque)<crystal cage Series>(Tokyo Publishing House, 2012)