Research Grant

Research Grant

In 2009 School year, this grant was established to enrich the Graduate School.

Students who applied for this grant are to be judged. Still, it is based on that all students who display enthusiasm for artistic work are eligible for this ambitious grant (No obligation of restitution).

1. Financial incentive for the presentation

It is intended to contribute to the promotion of creative activities, by providing financial incentive for the postgraduate students who present the result of their research or production.


2. Eligible students

Postgraduate students (Master’s Degree Course, Doctoral Degree Course)


3. Number awarded

Once a year per a person

4. Activitis under consideration

Ⅰ. Presentation at the international conference and the association registered
in the Science Council of Japan

Ⅱ. Solo exhibition, group exhibition or other events held outside the campus
(But activities for which other subsidy are offered from TAU or which visitors have to pay the fee are exempt.)

Ⅲ. Entries to the open contests or others.

Ⅳ. Research Activities which their tutor determines are indispensable for promoting their creative activities.

5. Stipend

100,000 JPN yen per one student(However, less than 100,000yen, paid at cost)